Lone Star Award

The Lone Star Award annually recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to cycling.  Lone Star Award winners have been exemplary in serving LBC and/or the local cycling community.  Awards are usually made to club members but can be made to non-LBC members from the community if warranted.  An individual’s contributions during the specific year or over a period of several years can be considered when making nominations.

Nominees for the Lone Star Award are solicited from the club at large during the fall/early winter.  Individuals making nominations should submit a three-to-five sentence statement detailing the basis on which the nominee should be considered.  Final selection is made by the LBC Board of Directors or by a subcommittee of board and club members as determined by the board each year.  Awards are presented at the annual holiday party.

Lone Star Award Recipients

2018 – Susan Twombly
2017 – Wendy Shoemaker
2016 – Don Varnau
2015 – Jim Baze
2014 – Craig Weinaug
2013 – Keith Dick
2012 – the Rainey family:  Conner, Carey, Kyle, and Mark
2011 – Steve Ashley