Looking for some rides in the Lawrence area?

  • Lecompton, Perry, and Perry Lake routes combined map (paved) – 37 miles total; 21 miles out-and-back to Lecompton; 26 miles out-and-back to the town of Perry
  • Linwood / Desoto / Eudora loop (paved) – 38 miles total
  • Vinland loop (paved) – 26 miles total
  • Clinton route (paved) – out-and-back to the town of Clinton and Bloomington Beach – 33 miles total 
  • Tonganoxie loop (paved) – 35 miles total – a bit hilly but great scenery!
  • Wellsville loop (paved) – 50 miles total
  • Centropolis loop (paved) – 44 miles total
  • Big Springs out-and-back (paved) – 34 miles total

Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop also has a wide selection of area maps for road, gravel, and family rides available at the maps page of their website.  Variations of some of these routes are used by LBC weekly rides:  Lakeview for the Tuesday night ride, for example, and Lone Star for the Saturday Muffin ride (when it’s not detoured for road construction).

Route maps for some of our past rides are available below.  All routes are paved.